Not Catching To CATCHING

Hello Fellow Fishermen

My name is George, and I made this site for Anglers who suffer from not catching.

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I want to share my experiences, and elaborate deeply on all I have learned fishing on the Gulf Coast. From a very young age I had a rod in my hand. I grew up on a salt water canal and had access to hundreds of square miles of waterways, bays, canals, bridges and beaches. And believe me I took advantage of every drop of water. Everyday after school I got in my jon boat and headed out, never knowing what’s in store for the day. I fished hard and I fished often. Fishing was my love, and I dreamed of it. I had dozens of cast nets through my endeavors, and literally hundreds of fishing poles. I couldn’t even tell you the money that was spent on tackle over the years. I fished for everything from small bait, to giant sharks, and everything in between. It’s only natural to become good at something if you do it all the time. And believe me I put in my time. When I wasn’t fishing, I was watching Fishing shows on the tube. I was, and still am obsessed.  There was a time in my life I didn’t share the so called “trade secrets” But I’ve come to a time in my life where I want others to experience what Florida has to offer. Fishing at it’s best.
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I lived in Everglades City for five years later in life, and obtained my Captain’s Lic. This is when It all came together for me and became real. I never experienced the nautical world like I did in the 10,.000 Islands. I seen and experienced the unbelievable, in what mother nature has to offer. Just the endless miles of water ways was spectacular not to mention the Fishing. I’m ready to share all I know, and tell all I can. There is NO WAY I can fit it all on a Website.

I’m now married with a beautiful little girl, and my spare time is not spent with a fishing pole anymore but with my family. I am quite satisfied in fulfilling my fishing dream. It’s time to share the wealth,  the wealth of knowledge that is.

Please feel free to contact me at any time, about any questions you need an answer to. If  by chance I don’t know I will find out for you.

I also will be more than happy to look at a map with you of the 10,000 Islands and lead you in the right direction of some very productive spots.

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