Fishing Poles

Ok Let’s Get To The Meat Of Things

If you came this far, I can expect you value my opinion somewhat. Which is Great!

Let us start with Fishing Poles. I’m sure sometime in your life you heard the saying

“You Have To Have The Right Tool For The Job”

This also holds true for your Fishing Gear.  Please don’t go to your local Retail Store and buy a Fifty Dollar combo Rod and Reel. You get what you pay for, and the quality is just not there.  I been talking a lot about Snook fishing. These fish are Strong, and can deliver an explosive battle. When your fishing mangroves, bridges, or other structures you need to have some backbone in your rod and be able to put the pressure on without concern of snapping it in two. This brings me to another Very important tip.” Do Not Buy A Two Piece Fishing Pole”  They do not hold together after many repeated casts and they are usually of  low quality. With the choice of line today the most popular and strongest you can buy is Braided. Braided line creates havoc on your Pole Guides. A quality Fishing Rod will endure the stress, and you will get many years of use from it. So let’s look at a Quality Pole.

Fenwick has been around for over 40 years, in fact Fenwick introduced the first Graphite Rod. These Rods are of very High Quality but have a price margin we all can afford. You can spend upwards of $800.00 on one pole. No, you don’t have to spend that much. Fenwick offers a beautiful, rugged, light weight Quality Rod for under a $100.00. These Rods are extremely sensitive and have Carbon Bound Blanks extending through the handle. The Eyes are deep Pressed Titanium Guides that eliminate the issue of inserts popping out. They are virtually bullet-proof and are able to stand up to Braided Line.

This is a 7′ Medium Action 1 Piece Snook Hauler That Will Last A Lifetime!

Yes I know… what the heck can I tell with this Picture. Well.. just let 40 years of building them speak for themselves. This Rod lists at $79.95 at Amazon. You Will NOT find this price at your local Fishing Store. This is a Professional Fishing Masterpiece. I already explained enough about the Quality, and need for Quality. The rest is up to you. I’m sure you get the picture by now what I’m trying to express. You need Quality Equipment. There are many Quality Maker Rods to choose from, please find what excites you, but follow my criteria. Here are some to consider..



St. Croix


Let me suggest Some Quality Reels to pair with this Rod

All of these reels will hold 30-40 lb. Braid, easily a 100 yards. Remember the diameter of Braid is much smaller than standard mono. 40lb Braid is equivalent to 12lb mono in size. This is what makes Braid so darn good. It casts further with light bait or lures. And is incredibly STRONG!