Live Bait Hooks

Lots of hooks to choose from. I’ll try and make this simple as possible with description of use above the hooks I’ve selected.  

For the following hooks, these will be used for live bait. Such as shrimp, pilchards, greenbacks, finger mullet. Basically smaller baits that you want to hook through the nose. 

nose hooked bait


A bit larger hook now intended for larger Live Bait such as 6-8″ mullet for Tarpon, Cobia or Shark. Also great for 10” Ladyfish Snook Snack! Mullet are in abundance on the Gulf Coast and is often the go to bait. They range from very small to quite large. So when I mention Large Baits, Mullet is what I’m generally referring to.

Assorted General Hooks That Are Good To Keep Onboard


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