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Skipping D.O.A To Snook



Hello Fishermen, and Women, I’m about to release some snook catching magic on you. Yea, you all say I know about those darn D.O.A Glow Shrimp. But do you really know how well they work using a certain technique? I’ve caught snook on every live bait Florida has to offer. I caught snook on many hard lures too. But, fishing with hard lures didn’t pay off as much as this soft, fake, little shrimp. Why? Because I couldn’t throw hard baits right into the snooks living room, where he was chillin. Once I learned the technique I was very invasive on the snooks privacy. I didn’t even knock, I just barged right in. This technique of fishing the DOA is mainly for rising or high tide. When high tide rolls in, we all know the bait scurries into the mangroves to try and avoid the predators. Well what happens, the predators just follow them deep in the mangrove roots and make catching them a bit difficult. Many times I’ve quietly sat in some little cut of mangroves and heard snook pops all around me, but couldn’t see them. They were feeding on bait deep in the roots. Well this all changed when I developed pin point underhand, and sidearm accuracy in my casting. Just like skipping a rock. Same motion and theory. What also helps tremendously is removing the factory hook, and nose hooking the DOA with a 2/0 circle hook. This creates more of a pendulum, and weight differential effect increasing the skip action. And highly increasing the hook up ratio almost to 100%. Ok there’s more to this. Here’s the working it technique. Snook are impulse strikers as much a they are just sit and wait attackers. So when you skip a DOA within a few feet of his nose he’ll hit it just because it’s there.

After you make your ACCURATE cast to the very edge or inside the mangrove line, just bump the shrimp 1 to 2 times, like…bump..bump. and let it fall. This is when it’ll get hit. If not hit within five or so feet away from the mangroves reel in and repeat. I know the rule… “work it all the way to the boat” not in this case. Reel up and get back in the mangroves. This is where you’ll hook up. A great way to work the mangrove line is just drift it. Hit all the dark holes and low hanging branches. You’re sure to land on one. Remember circle hooks? Don’t set the hook, just reel. I like using 30 -40 lb braid ,with at least 40 lb fluorocarbon. No swivel or hardware, just the hook. Use a med-heavy rod with some backbone. You’ll need it to pull them big ones out. Don’t get discouraged learning the skip method. Once you’ve  figured out the sidearm underhand cast, it will become natural. You will love it. This girl was one of my prizes from a little plastic DOA Glow Shrimp.